Private Dining

Do you want a unique, restaurant-quality dinner with all the intimacy of being at home? Balkan Taste invites you to a bespoke foodie experience offering the best-kept family recipes the Balkan and The Med have to offer, with flair and sophistication.

Delicious times and relaxation guaranteed!

Tell us exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a four-course dinner or canapés and wine, andwe will create a personalised set menu just for you. If you like, Petar will gladly share his in-depth culinary knowledge of food with you and your guests and explain each family-recipe inspired dish as they are served.

Balkan Taste can easily come to you and take care of everything, from buying locally sourced organic ingredients, to cooking, to serving your meal, and will leave your kitchen spotless. Simply leave everything to Petar and enjoy a delicious, stress-free dinner with your guests.

Services We provide

Balkan Taste is capable of catering for both large events and small, intimate dinner parties and offers
a bespoke menu service so you can personalise your food to suit your tastes, for individuals on a
specific diet, allergies or if you’re Vegan or Vegetarian.

With an experienced Private Chef looking after you, you can relax and enjoy the occasion.


We can help cater for your special day. Open to all sizes and ideas. We can also cater for all parties in the lead up to the wedding.


Selections of fantastic interesting and imaginative canapés served to your guests.


We are always interested by the individuality of these one-off events and are happy to share our unique culinary mix of Balkan and Mediterranean flavours with the world.


We can come to your house to cater personally for groups of any size. Bespoke menus and set menus can be created to the clients’ requests to make a really special event have a restaurant feel without having to leave home. Dinner parties can be as formal or relaxed as you would like.


Petar is happy to travel with clients for business or leisure helping to ease the burden of catering.


He is available on request for Ad hoc Chef/relief work at the very last minute, for those times when you need an extra pair of hands, sickness or holiday cover for your existing kitchen member, or a trusted addition to the kitchen brigade for a short-term solution.